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FACCES Kitchen & Theater Now Open!

Grand Opening! 

We are excited to announce that The FACCES Kitchen & Theater is now open, completing the journey of providing families with fresh produce through the FACCES Fresh Market and growing crops together in the FACCES’ greenhouse & garden to eat. 

Embarking on the farm-to-table concept, the kitchen allows youth and families to create nutritious meals alongside the FACCES chef through in-person and virtual cooking classes. 

The kitchen and theater welcome a safe space that brings families together to learn across communities as they share culture, experiences and create lasting memories.  

A very special thank you to Chef Jason Johnson for his support in the kitchen design and cooking the very first meal served in the new FACCES Kitchen!

If you want to learn more about the FACCES Kitchen and Theater, call 614-319-6070 or email Kori Johnson, Food Director