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FACCES Academic Navigation System

The FACCES Academic Navigation System (FANS) helps families understand Ohio’s development standards. From early learning to college, this program helps families navigate through resources and become workforce ready. The free online courses are targeted to families with children in preschool through grade 12.

Flexible for Busy Families

FANS is flexible for busy families. The program,  powered by FANS, gives families access to resources and lessons online when it is convenient.  Hands-on activities allow you to incorporate lessons into your weekly routine with your family.

FACCES Life Ready Ohio

FACCES Life Ready Ohio supports teenagers transitioning into adulthood as they continue their journey beyond high school. Teenagers that are participating build their communication skills, and emotional intelligence skills by working together as a team. Participation also offers them the opportunity to connect with resources that specifically cater to their needs as young adults.

The FACCES Life Ready Ohio program is only accessible to “FACCES Family Members”, so if you or your teen are interested in joining and participating in this program, please sign up to be a FACCES family today at no cost! 

FACCES Family Gathering

The FACCES Family Gathering is a monthly event where families and community members come together to give feedback on their needs that FACCES can help support. They are then connected with FACCES programs and resources from community partners under the FACCES hub!

These meetings are held primarily virtually, and once in-person on a quarterly basis. These different environments give families a unique platform to share ideas and encourages conversation oh how they can be better served!

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