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FACCES Food Education

FACCES promotes a healthy family and healthy lifestyle through a variety of access points to healthy food choices.

A Healthy Family and Healthy Lifestyle

The goal for these programs is to stimulate the conversation with you and your family. Culinary experiences are one of the oldest traditions in American culture and urban communities. 

For many years, the kitchen has been the gathering spot. Spontaneous conversations can spark in this culturally rich environment surrounding topics such as family updates, food, recipe sharing and more.

Healthy eating habits and parent relationships play a major role in the wellness of our children’s future, from mental health to social and emotional well-being. 

FACCES Fresh Market

FACCES Fresh Market supplies the community with the needed resources that they deserve. This program helps the attendees lead healthier lifestyles. 

Support comes from volunteers and donations from local organizations such as: produce, toiletries, home goods, toys, games, etc. Join us on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 5:00-6:30pm!

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Chef Jason live cooking demos at FACCES Fresh Market
FACCES Urban Garden

The Urban Garden Program provides a unique educational opportunity for the community.

This program uses systems of agriculture, aquaponics and hydroponics. It teaches the core principles of self-sustainability and practical gardening techniques for the community to learn and re-create at their very own homes.

The Urban Garden Greenhouse provides an oasis for families to bring their children to learn with hands on activities.

Food Therapy

The Food Therapy program provides an opportunity for families to enjoy the tradition of cooking together. The food used to create these healthy meals are food items and ingredients distributed at the Fresh Market Festival. All family members during each session work together to prepare the meal. Participants learn healthy food recipes and food sourcing from a professional chef. They learn skills to use in their own kitchens that reinforce bonds and foster togetherness. 

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FACCES creates customized content and programs with your family in mind. We highlight the values of our community partners and sponsors to your family. Support from our partners helps us in our mission of inspiring, empowering, and improving our community and families’ daily lifestyles.


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