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Upcoming Events

Feb, 2024

Food: FACCES Fresh Market

Columbus February 28, 2024 17:00
Drive-thru and pick up groceries for your family and other household items at no charge! Walk-ups begin at 6:00pm! Now Delivering! Delivery Address must be within a 10-mile radius from…
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Mar, 2024

Healthcare: OSU Medical Wexner Center Community Care Coach

Columbus March 4, 2024 09:00
Transportation and Health Insurance can be true barriers to consistent healthcare. FACCES answers this need by partnering with The Ohio State Mobile Coach to bring comprehensive healthcare to YOU! Primary Care Prenatal…
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Mar, 2024

Education & Food: FACCES Life Ready Urban Garden Class

Columbus March 5, 2024 15:00
Educating youth about growing their own food, understanding its origin, and exploring various career paths in these fields. Our collaboration with Mr. Solomon and OSU Extension signifies a step in empowering the youth…
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Our goal is to improve overall wellness, education and access to healthy lifestyle resources.

FACCES specializes in family engagement with a focus on food education, mental wellness, physical wellness, and legacy development.

The FACCES hub educates and empowers the whole family with a child focused approach.

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The Family Adolescent & Child Community Engagement Service (FACCES) addresses the lifestyle disparities that affect urban communities across the country.

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