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FACCES Life Ready Ohio supports teenagers transitioning into adulthood as they continue their journey beyond high school. Teenagers that are participating build their communication skills, and emotional intelligence skills by working together as a team. Participation also offers them the opportunity to connect with resources that specifically cater to their needs as young adults.

The FACCES Life Ready Ohio program is only accessible to “FACCES Family Members”, so if you or your teen are interested in joining and participating in this program, please sign up to be a FACCES family today at no cost! 




Starting Point 21st Century Marion Franklin HS Afterschool Program

This valuable resource for Marion Franklin High School students offers a wide range of educational support and opportunities for students to thrive academically and personally. Through the 21st Century program, in collaboration with Starting Point and FACCES, students are provided with a comprehensive approach to education, focusing on academic achievement, career readiness, and personal development. The program offers mentorship programs, internships, workshops, and other initiatives to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. By leveraging the expertise and support from the community, this program serves as a catalyst for Marion Franklin High School students, empowering them to reach their full potential and excel in their future endeavors. For more information, email Ms. Gervonna or call 614-491-1914. Space is limited.

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Teenage, Adolescent Leadership Conversation (T.A.L.C.) Series
The T.A L.C. Series provides the youth with a platform to discuss their interest, passion, challenges and dreams. These conversations are led by the youth participating.
APPS Program
Read carefully and follow the three easy steps!
The APPS Program partners with FACCES to help provide paid summer internships for teens and adolescents to gain hands on work experience. Participants get to experience working in the FACCES Urban Garden greenhouse, helping to provide produce to the community, and participating in other community-based events.

To be an age eligible participant, you must be between the ages of 14 – 23 years old. You must also be a Columbus Ohio resident. If you pay Columbus Ohio taxes you are eligible. Applications are now open, first come first served. 


STEP 2.  Click here >> Join the FACCES Family Gathering in the Life Ready Ohio Breakout room every first Wednesday at 5:00pm. ZOOM Meeting Login: 889 6928 4345

FACCES at Starting Point created the opportunity for you, but it’s your responsibility to get the job.

  • Professional attire 
  • Attend interviews 
  • Timely communication 
  • Resumes
  • Picture ID and Birth Certificate/Social Security Card
  • Ability to pass a drug test
  • Returning workers from last summer only have to interview, they do not have to put in another application.

STEP 3. >> Parent/Guardian Register for a FACCES Family Membership