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Faces of FACCES February 2024: Central State

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Central State University as our Faces of FACCES. Their support and commitment to community enrichment have contributed to our program’s success. 

Central State has been a valuable partner, actively participating in our Urban Garden initiatives and dedicating their expertise to educating our community on sustainable gardening practices. During our Urban Gardener’s Gatherings, their knowledgeable instructors have conducted classes, sharing insights on planting, cultivation, and helping the community better utilize the environment around them. 

A standout contribution from Central State has been the implementation of the 4-H program, providing our youth with valuable lessons on hydroponic tower gardening. This knowledge empowers young individuals to engage in the process of growing their crops and preparing meals from the produce they harvest from the hydroponic tower—all within the comfort of indoor spaces. This demonstrates that one does not necessarily need a traditional garden or extensive land to grow their own food. We extend our thanks to Central State University for constantly being active at FACCES and contributing to our shared mission of fostering a healthier and more educated community. Together, we are planting the seeds for a brighter future!