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Friends of FACCES Event

On November 28, the Friends of FACCES event took place, bringing together friends, family, and supporters of the FACCES organization. The evening was filled with joy, laughter, and a shared mission to make a difference in the lives of children and families. 

The venue was buzzing with excitement as attendees enjoyed delicious food, refreshing drinks, and the company of their loved ones. One of the highlights of the evening was a game of bingo, which featured fun facts and data about FACCES’ accomplishments from the 2022 –2023 fiscal year. Goals for the upcoming year were also shared.  

During the event, attendees were also given the opportunity to tour the construction site of our new FACCES Kitchen and Theater. This upcoming addition to the organization’s facilities will provide a platform for promoting healthy eating habits, hosting cultural events, and offering educational resources to FACCES families.

The Friends of FACCES event served as a reminder of the power of community support and the impact it can have you work together to help others.  We expressed our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed on Giving Tuesday. We also emphasized that there are still opportunities to give and make a difference. Interested individuals can click the provided link Contribute ( or reach out to FACCES directly 1-800-464-0920 to find out how they can contribute.

Reflecting on this past year, we are thrilled at the remarkable achievements made possible with your support. Together we accomplished incredible things that made a lasting positive impact on our community. Here is a glimpse of some of our accomplishments. 

2022-2023 fiscal year statistics: 

  • 340,000+ pounds of produce and food distributed to the community. 
  • 918 families have been served through our food program.  
  • We currently have 282 children enrolled in FACCES K Ready Ohio across 32 zip codes.   
  • We held 10 virtual and 2 in person FACCES Family Gathering during 2023. 464 attended, and over 35 vendors and guest speakers provided resources and information to support FACCES families build their family’s legacy. 
  • June of 2023 a Mental wellness committee was formed and over 150 volunteer hours have been dedicated to creating a blueprint to raise this pillar in 2025. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supports FACCES, whether it’s through your time, donations, food, resources, uplifting words, event participation, meeting attendance, or becoming a registered FACCES family member. Your ongoing support helps us to shape a meaningful impact on both our and your families’ futures.