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Ready to double your impact?

FACCES donations are an investment that supports an entire community. Now you can “Double Your Impact” because your donation dollars will be matched and worth 2x’s the actual donation. For example: $5…

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APPS Program

APPS stands for Applying Pressure and Passion to Service. The APPS Program provides adolescents and young adults (ages 14-23) in the community with the opportunity to gain practical work experience…

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The T.A.L.C. Series

The T.A.L.C. (Teenage Adolescent Leadership Conversation) Series is a monthly meeting series with the purpose to provide FACCES youth with a platform to discuss their interests, challenges, passions, and dreams. Each…

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West Nile Tilapia

In June of this year, FACCES Urban Garden received West Nile Tilapia to raise in our aquaponics system. Aquaponics is a sustainable system of agriculture that combines methods of aquaculture…

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Fall Family Gathering

SAVE THE DATE! The community is strengthened when families come together! The Fall Family Gathering will bring community together by providing resources from FACCES partners. Enjoy freshly prepared food and…

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