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The FACCES Food Program is aimed at fostering a healthier lifestyle for families and the entire community. We believe that the kitchen holds a special place in our hearts, as it brings families together, creating cherished memories and fostering stronger bonds.

At the core of our program lies the idea of self-sustainability through growing and preparing food. We understand the significance of this practice in urban culture, where access to fresh and healthy foods might be limited. With FACCES Food, we want to empower families to take charge of their nutritional needs and embrace a more wholesome way of living.

The FACCES Urban Garden Network keeps you and your family connected to continued education.  Get advanced training, ask questions and learn how to plant and grow the foods you love.

Local chefs are on hand with culinary classes available throughout the month with digital content as added value for your family to watch recipes made.


FACCES Teach the Teacher Program

Hands-on Aquaponics and Agriculture Workshops

Engage with your family in the growing of healthy food

FACCES Urban Garden Aquaponics Workshops

Greenhouse Refresh & Care Sessions

Tilapia Fish Feeding & Tank Care Sessions

The FACCES Urban Garden is raising Tilapia.  The African freshwater cichlid fish has been widely introduced too many areas for food. 

Sign up to learn about aquaponics while helping maintain our Aquaponic system. Your session includes feeding and weighing the tilapia as well as checking to ensure the proper Ph balance is maintained in the tank system.

These tasks are required every day to be able to raise a successful Aquaponic system. 

Greenhouse and Plant Care

Experience the growth of food with your family.  The FACCES Urban Garden has many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Daily care is needed to keep them healthy and growing, Sign up to help by watering the plants and checking the leaves.