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K Ready Ohio Assignment #1 Results

What influenced you to enroll in FACCES K Ready Ohio?

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Rebecca West

The goals and standards for child
success is crucial to child's development. I believe that the goals that FACCES has is beneficial for my child and the growth that I see in her.

Kimberly Bridges

My child will be 3 next year, so I need to get on the ball with getting her into a pre-school program so that she will be prepared for kindergarten.

samantha Webster

To make sure my grandchild is ready for kindergarten.

Tianna Edwards

A Family member

New Parenttwotoo

Thought it would help Royalty in her future

Alexander Holley

To verify that my toddler is ready for Kindergarten

DeAdrianne Belle

It was mentioned by daycare and I was interested

Kendra Harris

My daycare influenced me.

Ahyawnna Devine Rash

The school recommended it

Andrea Garcia

Daycare staff

Karen Mann

To help Khylan be successful in school

Ceizelaja Davison

The school

Derrell McNeal

It was recommended by others

Lori Fisher

I want my children to be ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Jennifer Watts

Met them at a school resource fair and loved how they want to really help special needs kids get help to grow while at home

Khyle Wright

An employee told me about it

Jamie Gottesman

I want my children to be well prepared for school so they can grow in their confidence and competence.

Brooklyn Rector

To help my daughter and make sure she doesn’t get behind her peers.

Dionna Ballantine

Ensuring my child is ready to enter Kindergarten in the Fall.

Lodia D'Angelo-Foster

Doing what I can to get my son ready for Kindergarten.

Dominique Scott

To see where my kids are far as getting ready gor school

Tyler Kirkpatrick

The information we were given about the program