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K Ready Ohio Assignment #1 Results

What influenced you to enroll in FACCES K Ready Ohio?

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Ceizelaja Davison

The school

Derrell McNeal

It was recommended by others

Lori Fisher

I want my children to be ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Jennifer Watts

Met them at a school resource fair and loved how they want to really help special needs kids get help to grow while at home

Khyle Wright

An employee told me about it

Jamie Gottesman

I want my children to be well prepared for school so they can grow in their confidence and competence.

Brooklyn Rector

To help my daughter and make sure she doesn’t get behind her peers.

Dionna Ballantine

Ensuring my child is ready to enter Kindergarten in the Fall.

Lodia D'Angelo-Foster

Doing what I can to get my son ready for Kindergarten.

Dominique Scott

To see where my kids are far as getting ready gor school

Tyler Kirkpatrick

The information we were given about the program

Shante'l LaMarr

I love how the teachers are fully committed to helping the kids get ready for kindergarten. And how they treat them like they are their own kids!

Janita Steele

Get him ready kindergarten

Allicia Banks

I think that I was a better choice for my child to grown more and experience new things other then just focused work for her age

Ahneisa James

Better education for my child

Andi Tomlinson

So my child can learn more adequately and be able to be reaching for kindergarten

Tanita Hendricks

I went back to work and I also want him to be around other children because we don't have any family here other than his siblingso he normally doesn't play with other kids except for his siblings

Lori Trywithnogo

Does this now register in about family and children databases? Please work now!

Angela Hall

Starting point learning center

Brittany Brown

I've been a parent in this program for about 13 years now because of my oldest attending this same program.

Shemiah Clausen

It’s a great program