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K Ready Ohio Assignment #1 Results

What influenced you to enroll in FACCES K Ready Ohio?

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Myanni Hales

My youngest needed a summer program to be apart of .

Sakeya Rushing

Better Choice for child's future.

carneil rowe

His school

Abdus Nike Sabir Yusuf

I know my daughter is ready for the kindergarten. I just want to try the questionnaire to make her have ideas of what she will be looking forward to when she resumes school. And also to see if she will be qualified for other opportunities out there in future.

Malissa Harris

I just want Julian to have extra lessons to do at home to enhance his learning.

Shannon Gallegos

Get Evelynn ready for school

Marcy Forker

I'd like to do as much as possible to get my son ready for kindergarten because I would like him to be eligible for early enrollment since his 5th birthday falls in December 2025. He is currently in daycare in the preschool classroom where they focus on skills to for kindergarten readiness but I'd like to also make sure we are doing what we can at home.

Taliea Burns

School actually requested and I need all the help I can get

Cathleen Lilley

His teacher Mrs Carla palmer at east main street suggested it to me.

Christina Reyes

To Learn

Kacey Shrode

I learned about the program at our local library today.

Alison Hirschey

We had a presentation at the Karl Rd branch in Columbus, OH about this program. We go to the Ready for Kindergarten class every week and my daughter loves it.

Rebecca West

The goals and standards for child
success is crucial to child's development. I believe that the goals that FACCES has is beneficial for my child and the growth that I see in her.

Kimberly Bridges

My child will be 3 next year, so I need to get on the ball with getting her into a pre-school program so that she will be prepared for kindergarten.