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FACCES Urban Garden meets OSU Extension Urban Roots

FACCES Urban Garden recently had the honor of welcoming Mr. Solomon from OSU Extension Urban Roots during November’s Urban Gardeners Gathering. Urban Roots is a collaborative initiative involving the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, The Ohio State University (OSU), the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), OSU Extension Franklin County, and local community partners. This innovative program is designed to provide youth with immersive learning opportunities centered around food, agriculture, the environment, and related technologies. Mr. Solomon’s attendance at our gathering allowed us to establish a valuable connection and emphasize the importance of educating youth about growing their own food, understanding its origin, and exploring various career paths in these fields.

Moving forward, we are thrilled to announce that Mr. Solomon will be taking an active role in our FACCES Life Ready partnership with Starting Point’s 21st Century program, leading a curriculum that aligns with the objectives of the Urban Roots mission. This collaboration signifies a step in empowering the youth with essential knowledge and skills, fostering a deeper connection between education and real-world applications in the realms of food production, agriculture, and environmental stewardship. Together with Mr. Solomon and OSU Extension Urban Roots, we look forward to nurturing a generation that is not only well-informed but also enthusiastic about shaping a sustainable and resilient future. 

Classes with Mr. Solomon are on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 4 pm! If you have a teen interested, click the link below to register for the classes. Let us nurture a passion for gardening together! Education & Food: FACCES Life Ready Urban Garden Class – FACCES – Family Adolescent & Child Community Engagement Service (