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Life Ready Ohio Field Trip to Mills James Studio

The T.A.L.C. (Teenage Adolescent Leadership Conversation) Series, under the FACCES Life Ready Ohio service, hosted a field trip to Mills James Studio. Mills James is a video production company that has been around since 1984. The teens who attended talked with the actual professionals who make many of the commercials that we see on television today. 

During the field trip, the teens had conversations about their career goals after high school. The discussion brought attention to their interest in pursuing college, relationships with their teachers, entrepreneurial goals and motivations behind being successful in their careers.

Future participation in the T.A.L.C. series will help teens continue to develop paths and plans to accomplish their goals. 

Several of the participants applied to work with FACCES during summer 2023. Look forward to seeing FACCES Life Ready Ohio teens doing positive things throughout our community. 

Are you, or a teenager you know, interested in new experiences like this? 

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