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Thank You for Supporting the FACCES Kitchen & Theater Construction!

The FACCES Kitchen & Theater’s primary objective is to provide a safe and well-equipped environment for cooking classes and nutrition workshops. FACCES aims to promote healthy eating habits and culinary skills among young people and their families, empowering them to positively impact their overall well-being. This facility is located less than 100 feet away from the FACCES Urban Garden and will accomplish the true meaning of the farm-to-table concept in an urban environment.

The theater will serve as a platform for educational programs, performances, and cultural events. This will foster creativity, cultural appreciation, and community cohesion, bringing people together through the power of art and expression.

“Our vision is to create a space that not only meets the needs of our community but also promotes growth, learning, and connection. By investing in the FACCES kitchen and theater, we aim to provide a safe and well-equipped environment that promotes healthy eating habits, culinary skills, creativity, cultural appreciation, and community cohesion.”  — Melissa Johnson, Founder and Creator of FACCES

Giving Tuesday will be on November 28, 2023. We hope that you will consider contributing to FACCES! We recognize that every little bit helps. FACCES primarily serves youth living in high-risk neighborhoods and food swamps, which means there is limited or no access to fresh produce and food that promotes good health. We cordially invite individuals and businesses to join us in making a difference and supporting efforts to create a space that promotes healthy, fulfilling lives for all.